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Create a beautiful home for your brand that sparks discussion with your audience, and integrate it seamlessly into your website.

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Isn't it nice when you can see everything you're looking for in one convenient place? Help people find information about your brand by integrating your newsroom with your website.

Use our handy widget, JSON or RSS feed to sync stories to your site, publish a newsroom under your own domain, or create a completely custom solution with Prezly API.


Make it easy for journalists

Built-in contact cards, a lightning-fast search function and unparalleled multimedia support make navigating your newsroom 100% frictionless.

Prezly makes it so easy to host press releases in a newsroom and have it be not only a one-time thing, but something that you can repurpose and create new pitches around constantly.

Matt Suckley
Matt SuckleyPhoenix Games
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Publish once, share everywhere

Fill your newsroom with fully branded stories studded with all the multimedia journalists could dream of, from print-ready photo galleries to tweets to livestreams and more.

Save time building campaigns by pulling content directly from your newsroom.

Define your brand identity

People associate the way your brand looks and feels with how they feel about your – or your client's – business. That's why consistent branding is so important.

With Prezly's simple Look & Feel settings, you can set your newsroom to use your brand logos, colours and even typeface in just a few clicks, or go fully whitelabel.


Be inspired

Take a look at some of the stunning newsrooms masters of comms have built with Prezly.

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Build your client portfolio

Represent multiple clients or steward several products? With Prezly, you can build a branded home for each one and unite them within a single hub room. Or why not band them together in a client portfolio to showcase your best work?


Why Prezly?

Nicole Yeardley
Nicole YeardleyWallsauce

I saw somebody else using the newsroom and I was just like, 'That's everything a journalist needs right there.' The easier you can make it for them the better.

Nicole Yeardley
Matt Suckley
Isabell Cordess
Veerle Ausloos

Run the show

Don’t waste your time being the middleman between agencies, partners and translators. With Prezly, it’s easy to set permissions for different users on your account and control exactly which parts of your data they can access.


Newsrooms can be used for

  • Branded newsletters

  • An internal comms hub

  • A company blog

  • Gated investor reports

  • Client portfolios

  • A dedicated help center

  • Product changelogs

  • Recipe books

  • Multimedia galleries

Ready to build your first newsroom?

Cater to millions of visitors without blinking

Are you worried about uptime due to a sudden increase in visitors? During times of crisis, you can't afford to be dealing with technical issues.

With Prezly, your news will be available online instantly and delivered to stakeholders' mailboxes in seconds.


Speak their language

Speed up global coverage by getting your news published in localized newsrooms. Choose from 120+ different locales and 60+ languages. Each newsroom can have its own content, press contacts and branding.

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