Improvement: Site contacts and email signatures

The Site contacts embed has been improved so that you can now choose the layout of your contact information, as well as use the embed as an email signature.

Site contacts were previously exclusive to only the story editor, but with this update, you are able to add your site contacts to campaigns, pitches, and last but not least, snippets.

And if you have site contacts set up across the different sites that you manage within your Prezly account, you'll be able to insert site contacts from any site into your stories, campaigns, or pitches. Say hello to universal contact sharing! 👋

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed 404 error occurring on Safari 14 browser
  • Improved new side navigation settings width
  • Fixed the date box clipping in scheduled campaign setup
  • Fixed bug with extra text being added to pitches
  • Confirmation of pitch sent now appears when sending pitch from Story editor


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