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Multimedia newsrooms

Publish your breakthroughs

Find yourself answering endless enquiries on the same topic? No more. Create a newsroom where peers, students and media alike can get the resources they need, when they need it. You can even build internal newsrooms to keep everyone on the inside, in the know. 

Contact management

Keep in touch

Organize your contacts with simple but powerful tags and segments so you always reach the right audience, whether sending out your latest press release or an alumni update. We’ll even flag any bad addresses so you can follow up.

“It took us at least half a day to get the right message to the right stakeholders. Now we do it in an hour.”
Gorik Van Holen, Spokesperson at Socialist Party
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Trackable emails

Learn how people engage with your content

Get reliable analytics on who’s reading your stories. Want a GDPR-compliant, opt-in newsletter? That’s built-in too :) 

Coverage tracking

Record each feature

Collate every news piece, article, podcast and mention of your institution using our easy-to-use Coverage feature. Already using a Coverage provider? Speak to us about integration. 

“The biggest change for me working with Prezly, is we now have more time to invest in the content making.”
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Discover more features


Whether you’re running PR in-house or as part of a big agency, we have all the tools you need to deliver the right story to each contact, every time.


Create effective press releases and publish them in a fully on-brand multimedia newsroom complete with all the assets your audience could want.


Create beautiful online newsrooms, publish your stories, embed multimedia and build your audience, all without relying on your tech team.


Save time on reporting. Prezly links each news piece with an author, outlet and story, so you can get performance data and report in just a few clicks.

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