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What is a nonprofit press release?

Also known as a charity press release, a nonprofit press release seeks to get people talking about philanthropic initiatives like fundraising, disaster management, and aid. It tells a compelling story about an organization's mission, celebrates accomplishments, and above all, drives people to give to its cause.

What to include in a nonprofit press release

The format of a press release written for a nonprofit is similar to that of a standard press release (see how to write a great press release here), with a few strategic differences:

  1. They tend to feature more pictures and video

  2. They'll often focus on the personal story of a named and sympathetic person or character

  3. There's a clear call to action that other press release types might avoid

All of the above are tactics designed to evoke sympathy if not empathy in the reader: visuals show rather than tell, while having a named hero in your story immediately makes your audience feel that they are on their side. These are all parts of telling an effective story.

Take a look at some of the charity press release examples below and see if you can spot some of these elements in action.

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