The only CRM built specifically for PR

Let’s face it, what you need isn’t another CRM; you need a CRM that’s built specifically for PR. One that isn’t just a glorified address book or poorly disguised spreadsheet.


Turn contacts into relationships

Prezly automatically tracks your team’s conversations with journalists; never again will you have to scour your inbox searching for that one long-lost email chain.

Plus, your team can leave private notes on each contact’s timeline making those oh-so-important details easy to remember.

Relationship management has never been so easy.

Turn contacts into relationships

No more spreadsheets

“But I love using Excel, it’s just so simple and fun!” – said no one, ever. 

Get yourself a management system you actually enjoy using.

Prezly gives you all the power of contact tracking with none of the admin. Organize your lists by location, industry, beat or add your own tags. We put you in control.

“Which ‘John’ was that again?”

The bigger your contact list, the trickier it is to keep track of the details.

That’s why Prezly automatically sources essential details for each of your contacts, including job titles, associated websites, social media profiles and location. But don’t worry – you get the final say over what information stays or goes. 

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Find out who's ghosting

Prezly generates a star rating for every contact based on whether or not they open your emails and how they engage with your stories. Use it to filter highly engaged contacts – and find out where you need to try a different approach.

Good housekeeping

Sending duplicate emails to the same person? Embarrassing. To an expired email? Pointless.

Our smart software sorts it out. Prezly will tell you which contacts need your attention, identify bad addresses and flag potential dupes to keep your contact lists squeaky clean. Zero effort, big reward.


Pitch, please

Make sure your gorgeous stories get seen with our built-in mail client that tracks how each of your contacts interacts with your content.

And because everything links together through one integrated platform, you don’t need to worry about your pitches overloading anyone’s inbox – no matter how many product photos, video interviews or PDF specs you share.

Craft breathtaking pitches, simply

Type your content straight into our homebrewed editor or simply copy-paste from anywhere, add a killer headline and preview it all in our brand new pitch editor. Want to insert an image? Bam, done. Video? Sure. Gallery? No problem. Just click that little green plus and you’re good to go. 

Seriously, try it for yourself.

Build an altar to your brand (and theirs)

What better way to showcase your clients’ work than through completely customisable, utterly on-brand newsrooms? Well, great news: with Prezly, multiple newsrooms come as standard. And they’re easy as pie to set up and use.

The cherry on top: you can connect together your clients’ individual newsrooms under your name, giving you the ultimate, interactive PR portfolio

Central hub for your news (newsroom)

Beep boop beep

Just kidding – we aren’t robots, but we are available pretty much round the clock should you come across any setbacks. The secret is that our team works remotely from all over the world, so someone is usually awake to lend a hand should you need it.

28 mins is the average time it takes us to respond to your message, and we’ll normally have your problem sorted within 2 hrs 8 mins – or in most cases, much, much faster.

Skeptical? Tap the chat bubble and time us :)

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