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Site activity & visitors

An overview of a site’s performance and all recent activity in stories and campaigns

The Activity & visitors page can be accessed from the site dashboard and gives all Prezly users a high-level view of all recent activity by you (or your teammates) related to a site, like recent drafts and scheduled stories, recently sent campaigns, other latest changes made to the site, and site analytics.

How do I reach the Activity & visitors page?

You can access the Activity & visitors page from the site dashboard, or from the menu appearing when hovering the site name in Stories or Campaigns.

What can I see on my the Activity & visitors dashboard?

Recent activity

Under Recent activity, you can overview the site's more recently scheduled campaigns and stories, published stories and sent campaigns.

Clicking a sent campaign will take you to the campaign report for more details on recipients' open and click rates.

On the righthand side, you'll find a list of latest changes made to any type of content in your site, such as stories created and published, existing stories updated, new or edit media galleries, and more. 

Visitor analytics

Below the recent activity, Visitor analytics shows you insights of how many people are visiting your site and stories. Learn more about site analytics →


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