Using AI story auto-translation

Beta testing over Q1 2024!

To help you save time on translating your stories into different languages, we're launching a new feature called auto-translation. Powered by DeepL, this feature allows you to create instantaneous translations of your Prezly stories using artificial intelligence. The feature supports translation to and from 30 languages; you can see a full list in DeepL's help center.

The beta period for auto-translation is planned for Q1 2024, during which time Prezly users will be able to use the feature absolutely free of charge by enabling multiple languages in the site settings and selecting a story to translate.

Details on auto-translation below.

How start using auto-translation (beta)

Once we launch the beta, you can start using auto-translation simply by opening the story you want to translate in your story editor, and clicking on the language and translation panel in the sidebar on the right-hand side of your screen.

You'll see the option to "Start using AI translations" highlighted in green as shown in the screenshot below:

AI translation beta opt-in
AI translation beta opt-in

Once opted in, whenever you go to translate a story to/from a language that is supported by the new feature, you'll see a prompt asking whether you'd like to use auto-translation.

Using auto-translation is entirely optional, and you can decide whether or not you use it on a story-by-story basis. If you choose to use AI, a new translation of your selected story will be created as a draft in your account, where you will be able to review and edit the content as normal.

While DeepL is more accurate than its competitors, we encourage you to review all translated text for content and accuracy.

We hope this will save you time when writing and translating stories.

Data privacy and AI

We are using a translation service called DeepL Pro to power the auto-translation feature. The story you choose to translate is sent through DeepL securely and is not stored after translation, ensuring that your data stays private.

How much does auto-translation cost?

The auto-translation feature is completely free to use during its time-limited beta period, after which it will only be available as part of specific subscription plans.

Giving feedback

The beta phase of any feature is intended to test how well the feature works, get user feedback, and fix any bugs. Basically, it gives us a chance to test how it works, while giving you the option to start using the feature straight away.

We'd love to hear how you get on, or if you run into any difficulties. Please pass along any feedback using the usual chat icon in the bottom-right of Prezly, or by emailing


Note that AI auto-translation is available on Core and higher plans that allow multi-language sites.

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