Useful keyboard shortcuts to save you time

Format stories like a pro!

Alongside the shortcuts to add special symbols to and format stories, did you know there are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to format stories faster?

When in the story editor

  • / in the editor opens the block menu, showing a list of different story blocks
  • ...bonus tip: if you then type the first two letters of the things you want to filter the story block list e.g. ​ / + im + Enter inserts an image block.
  • Cmd/Ctrl + B for bold formatting
  • Cmd/Ctrl + I for italic formatting
  • Cmd/Ctrl + U for underline formatting
  • Cmd/Ctrl + Enter to insert new row below selected block
  • Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Enter to insert a new row above selected block
  • Shift + Enter to insert a soft break
  • Cmd/Ctrl + Backspace to delete a row (in some browsers)
  • Tab to increase list depth when in a ordered or unordered list
  • Shift + tab to decrease list depth when in a ordered or unordered list

When in the app (not in the editor)

  • / to open the global search (useful for navigating fast to stories and campaigns)


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