Scheduling your story or changing its publication date

Schedule your story to be published on a future date or change the publication date of an already published story

Scheduling your story

If you want to schedule your story to be published on a later date, click on the Publish Options on the top right side of the story editor.

Then, click on "Schedule for later" and choose a date. Prezly will display a calendar menu where you can select the date and time for your story to be published:

💡Pro Tip: You can also send a campaign from a scheduled story. When you choose to create a campaign from a scheduled story, Prezly will copy the set date from the story and automatically schedule the campaign on that same date/time.


Changing your story's publish date

To change a published story's date, click on Publish Options and under the "Published" status, you'll see the option to choose a date.

For more information on the different story publishing options in Prezly, check out our additional story below!

Publish options in Prezly
Publish options in Prezly

See what options you have when publishing your stories


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