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Scheduling your story or changing its publication date

Schedule your story to be published on a future date or change the publication date of an already published story

Scheduling your story

If you want to schedule your story to be published on a later date, click on the Publish Options on the top right side of the story editor.

Then, click on "Schedule for later" and choose a date. Prezly will display a calendar menu where you can select the date and time for your story to be published:

💡Pro Tip: You can also send a campaign from a scheduled story. When you choose to create a campaign from a scheduled story, Prezly will copy the set date from the story and automatically schedule the campaign on that same date/time.


Changing your story's publish date

To change a published story's date, click on Publish Options and under the "Published" status, you'll see the option to choose a date.


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