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Sites and stories go hand in hand. Think of it this way: once you've published a story or press release, these publications now have a place to live, where visitors can have access to and read them anytime – and that home is a site.

You can set your site name, branding, theme, language, media, and more, all easily accessible from your Sites dashboard.

Whenever you're ready to start setting up your own site, feel free to use the video below as a quick guide:

Go to Sites

⚠️Note: The number of Prezly sites you can create depends on your plan. Please check our pricing page for a comparison of features.

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What else can you do with Sites?

While we designed Prezly sites to be first-class for publishing press releases, you can actually use them for so much more. From newsletters to internal comms, company updates to reports – your site can be whatever you make it.

Have a Javascript developer in your team?

We offer our open-source code for those who wish to build their own custom theme. If you have a Javascript developer with some experience in Next.js and TypeScript and would like to get your theme up and running, it will all be made even easier with theses Basic requirements for developing custom themes



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