Create sites with multiple languages

Enable different languages for your sites

Once you create a site, the language is always in English by default but you can easily add more languages to make your site multilingual, as well as change the default in the Site info & languages settings.

All it takes is just a few steps.

Set up the languages for your site

Click Site info & Languages on the site dashboard:

On the Site info & languages page, you'll see the site information form belonging to the site's default language.

To add another language, click on Add language and find the language(s) you wish to enable for your site. You can select multiple languages from the language dropdown and they will immediately be add to your list of languages.

How to change a site's default language

A default language is the first and main language your visitors will see when they visit your site. To set another language as the default, hover over the language, click on the "•••" button, and Set as default.

Set up site information in enabled languages

Once you have enabled the desired languages, click on the listed languages to update the site information for each of them. You can update site name, contact details, social link and boilerplate text.

Translate your stories to any of your enabled languages

Once you enable several languages for your site, you'll be able to choose the language for your stories by clicking on the Actions button on the top right-hand side of the story editor, and selecting Language & translations.

When you publish a story in a language that is not the default, the story can be found on the language picker on the header of a site.

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