Can I transfer a site from one account to another?

Yes – but you must meet some requirements

Transferring accounts occasionally happens in cases where agencies start to work with clients who already have a Prezly site, or you are a brand wanting to take your site in-house. 

The good news is it's a relatively easy process that the Prezly team can handle for you, however, there are a few requirements you need to fulfill first.

Requirements and things to consider

  1. Both parties involved must have an active Prezly subscription. If one of the parties doesn't have one yet, this needs to be the first thing to resolve.
  2. The recipient account must have a proportional subscription to accommodate the site features as well as enough free site slots. ​
  3. Site cannot be using a custom domain. If one is being used it will need to be undone before the site can be migrated. ​
    Setting up a new custom domain after migration will require either redirection or previously shared links will stop working.
  4. We need permission from both the incoming and outgoing parties to transfer the site. Permission needs to be given in writing by sending an email to [email protected] by both parties. Only when we have the permission of the outgoing and incoming parties can we move forward.
  5. Lastly, we need to have an email from the requesting party confirming the timing of the following details:
    1. When you want the transfer to occur.
    2. The name of the incoming license (the license that will receive the site after the transfer).
    3. The name of the outgoing license (the current site license).
  6. If Site contacts where used and intend to be kept, they will need to be created, verbatim, in the recipient account before migration.
  7. If API tokens for custom integrations had been requested, these will STOP working, new ones will be required for such purposes after migration.
  8. Media gallery URLs do NOT survive migration, new ones will be created for the site once migration is complete.
  9. If the site used a custom theme, it will need to be reconfigured

What gets transferred?

We will only transfer the site over with all stories. No campaigns or contact data will be transferred over to the account.

How long does a transfer take?

Once we have permission from both parties, it will take a day or two for us to complete the transfer. You won't have to do anything on your end, and we'll let you know when the transfer is complete.

If you have any questions about a newsroom/site transfer, give us a shout at [email protected] or by clicking the friendly purple circle in the bottom right corner from within the app.

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