Adding people to a sent campaign

Re-sending a sent campaign to more recipients

We've all been there. That's why we've made it easy to send your already sent content to additional contacts, and get clear metrics on engagement from every send-out.

You have a few options to get your content to more recipients. On the Campaign report page, you can use the "Send again" button and share that campaign with other recipients.

"Send as pitch"

This will create a one-to-one email pitch, which allows you to send your campaign to a single contact – perfect for adding that extra personal touch.

"Duplicate campaign"

This option duplicates your original campaign and creates a new email campaign with the same content. You will automatically be taken to the draft of this new campaign and that's where you'll be able to edit its content, add more recipients, and send or schedule the email.

Why we chose to build the function this way

Here's the backstory.

We actually used to have a separate feature for adding more contacts to a campaign but removed it in the end because we weren't able to guarantee the accuracy of campaign reports and when additional recipients could be added to a campaign at any time, this meant that the multiple send times and dates skewed the data.

Long story short, the system we have in place now keeps your campaign reporting accurate and gives you full visibility over which contacts have received certain campaigns.



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