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The all-in-onecommunication powerhouse

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools! Here’s your ultimate destination for effortlessly orchestrating all your communication needs with finesse.


Create amazing multimedia stories fast

Use our state-of-the-art editor to easily add images, videos, social media goodies, and even attachments to your stories, making them pop and sizzle!

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8m 47s is the avg time it takes to write a story


Publish seamlessly on your branded site

Give your brand the red carpet treatment! Pick from our carefully crafted themes to host your awesome stories.

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72% of Prezly sites use custom colors


Build and manage your audience easily

Jumpstart growth by adding a subscription form to your site, and take control with our Contact Management feature by easily importing and organizing your contacts.


Foster close connections via email campaigns

Use our campaigns feature to craft compelling email campaigns that resonate. Tailor your message, track engagement, and keep your audience hooked, all with a few clicks.


2hrs /week are saved managing contacts in Prezly vs Excel

Prezly email campaigns get a 46% open rate on average

Simple features to kickstart your PR

Start benefitting from the latest technology without the learning curve.

45% of accounts have more than one site

296 stories are translated every month in Prezly


Site analytics

Uncover website performance insights. Track visitors, measure engagement, optimize.


Campaign reports

Track and analyze the success of your campaigns. Gain actionable insights and fine-tune future strategies.


Multi-language sites

Expand your reach with seamless multilingual experiences. Engage global audiences effortlessly.


Multiple Sites

Effortlessly manage and maintain multiple websites from one centralized platform.


Coverage Log

Track and log media coverage to monitor your brand's presence and reputation in real-time.


Built in SEO features

Enhance your online visibility with our powerful SEO toolkit.

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