Search Notes, Stories, Campaigns, Pitches, and more...

Search Notes, Stories, Campaigns, Pitches, and more...

We're super excited to announce a significant update to Search that makes searching for contact notes, stories, campaigns, pitches, and more possible.

With Prezly being used to create more content and manage more information than ever, sometimes it can be tricky to dig up the information you need. That's why we're excited to introduce a significant update to Search that will forever improve the way you use Prezly.

The new search, available from everywhere within Prezly is significantly faster and smarter. When searching for Contacts, we no longer only look at the contact name and email, we now search through their whole profile - looking at their tags, social media handles, contact information and more.

Most excitingly, we've taken our new faster and smarter search and made it possible to search for Contact Notes, Stories, Campaigns, Pitches, Coverage, and Newsrooms.


You've been using search to find your contacts day in day out. We've now made this even better. Now we not only search your contacts names and emails, but we now look at all the other information too. This includes their tags, social media profiles, contact information, and more.

Contact Notes ​ 🎉❤️

Adding Notes to your contacts not only helps keep your Profiles bountiful with information, but combine them with mentioning and your team are always up to date. With our new Search, the information your store has never been so readily available, combine that with the ability to Search for notes you are mentioned in and we think your workflow just got a whole lot better.


Quickly pick up where you left off editing your story or easily access your Story Report. Search is now included in your dropdown and is smarter than ever. Returning results based on the title, content, categories, and more.

Campaigns & Pitches

As with stories, easily pick up where you left off editing your campaigns or learn how your campaigns are performing. We'll also search for your pitches - making sure that wherever and however you are sharing your contact with your influencers, you can quickly get back.

Coverage 🤝

Since we released coverage last year, you've been storing your stories coverage in droves. Adding a whole new level of insight to your contacts and the value they bring to your brand. With Search you are now able to quickly recall the coverage, speeding up your workflow even further.


Where would we be without our newsrooms! They're at the core of how we manage our content and how our influencers view our brand. With the update to search, you are able to easily jump to your Newsroom settings and make sure everything is looking spiffy.

We think Search and all the improvements it brings is going to change the way you use Prezly for the better. Thanks for supporting Prezly, and remember to check back for future updates about our product and other Prezly news.

Search is being made available for everyone over the next few weeks, if you would like to try search a little sooner - send us a message through Intercom.

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