Recent improvements & fixes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed feature comparison table on
  • Fixed issue where changing story category replaces title and cover image
  • Fixed site titles showing three times when in live mode
  • Fixed bug causing [+] menu to not be visible on initial story edit page load
  • Fixed bug causing site search to not recognize capital letters
  • Changing filter type no longer closes filter modal
  • Fixed issue with duplicate and un-closable chat bubble in Edge 118.0.2088.76



  • Added accent to site "about" prefix for French sites
  • search no longer shows outdated content
  • Updated sign-in page styling to new branding and UI
  • Made email validation for sign-up configurable
  • Improved the "Publish options" editor button on small screens
  • Auto hyperlink links added to notes
  • Data requests now show from which site the data request was triggered
  • Improved media galleries header for tablet devices
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