Introducing the revamped Story Editor!

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Over time, newer publishing options and settings have slowly been added to the editor interface, allowing you to do even more with your stories. However, as more controls were being created, it became clear to us that the story editor was running out of space, and we would ultimately reach a point where adding more controls located in different parts of the editor could become overwhelming instead of useful to all users.

The primary focus of our Story Editor has always been on content creation. So, we decided to simplify the interface, making it easier for you to set up your stories and save changes whenever you need to.

The newest version of the story editor offers users a cleaner workspace – bringing all the settings in one place and giving you easier access to publish options, visibility, sharing controls, and more.

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Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug for grid items with multiple values so they show properly
  • Fixed error when selecting "bi-annually" periodicity
  • Hide All Visibility and All Authors filters if only one value is available
  • Fixed bug preventing images from being cropped
  • Fixed issue where Image settings menu was covering the resize button
  • Fixed broken search function that wasn't showing results
  • Improved image caption editing
  • Fixed bug where duplicating campaigns fails with a 404 error
  • Fixed bug where stories did not load in campaign or pitch editor
  • Updated the icon for empty states on avatars to a newer design


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