Improved newsroom settings + added support for TikTok

Over the last weeks we have been working on the overall interaction, design and functionality of the newsroom settings pages. Today we launched a big update to newsroom settings.

Newsroom Settings (with a lot of languages)
Newsroom Settings (with a lot of languages)

What's new

  • Improved the form to edit/update company information
  • Newsrooms with multiple languages now have an overview of which parts of the newsroom have been translated
  • Warnings when content is about to be lost
  • Quick link to all stories in that language
  • Add TikTok accounts to ​ your newsroom
  • Shortcut to Language settings

Other improvements

  • Story Edit: Updated the date picker in story edit
  • Story Edit: Fixed bug where date picker was under other elements of the page
  • Story Edit: Escape now closes the story published modal
  • Teammates page: Trigger sidebar on clicking team mate name
  • Improve routing of custom newsrooms
  • Speed up provisioning of SSL certificates when creating a newsroom
  • Speed up provisioning of CDN when creating a newsroom
  • Newsroom settings: Improve timezone dropdown
  • Newsroom settings: Remove search in date format
  • Contact importing: Better validation of column mapping during import
  • Fixed bug where newsroom overview would not be updated after archiving newsroom



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