For beta or worse, the Embed feature is officially ready for use!

The Embed feature is out of beta and now available in the editor’s multimedia menu

Previously, with just the Embed option in beta, some of you may not have been aware of the variety of embeds from different services you can actually insert into your stories, like did you know you could embed a Google Maps location? Or whole Twitter feeds?

So we’ve separated out the embed types with service specific icons that you can easily search for, from social embeds to Calendly links, or even Google Maps and Eventbrite links.

See full list of available embeds

Or watch the video below to see the embeds in action

You can also choose the size of your embeds or turn your embed into a bookmark, where you can change the card layout and set whether or not the bookmark should open in a new or in the same tab. Flexibility!

Other recent fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug causing story bookmark embeds to display HTML code
  • Improved time and date selection for publish options in story editor


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