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Posting press releases on your website is bad: Do this instead

Posting press releases on your website is bad: Do this instead

Press release vs. blog post - should you include your press release as a story on your website?

Your latest press release is about to hit the wire. Key contacts have been briefed. The social media pump has been primed, and you’re excited to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your company blog. You might be tempted to post press releases on your website, but we advise against this for a number of reasons.

A good blog post is very different from a good social media press release, in the following ways:

A press release is formal. The messaging is tight and controlled. A blog post is much more informal. The language is casual and relaxed.

  • A press release can be planned and developed weeks in advance. A blog post, even one on a planned topic, should be relevant and responsive to the present moment.
  • A press release is sent from a company perspective and should be written in the third person. A blog post is from a personal perspective and is often written in first-person.
  • A press release is objective and should be as factual and complete as possible. A blog post focuses on one aspect of your story, bringing in personal insights and opinions.
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Press release vs. blog post - how are they similar?

The one thing that blog posts and social media press releases do have in common is that they must both tell a compelling story about your brand. As you can see from the list above, however, they must tell that story in very different ways. It might strike you that the very same elements that make up a good press release would actually make for a poor blog post!

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include blogging as part of your PR strategy, or even that you can’t write about company news on your blog. Quite the contrary. Your blog plays an important role in your PR efforts – as a human face for the company, a trusted resource for tips and advice, a thought-leading perspective on industry trends… in short, the best PR your blog can do is to provide real, lasting value to your readers. Always write blog posts with that in mind, and leave your social media press releases for the newswire.

How do you incorporate your blog into your PR initiatives? Do you agree or disagree that posting press releases on your website isn't a good idea? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Let us know on Twitter! And if you're feeling inspired, see these 150+ captivating press release examples!

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Updated July 2023

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