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5 Geeky Technology PR Campaigns to Ignite Your Strategy in 2024

5 Geeky Technology PR Campaigns to Ignite Your Strategy in 2024

Our favorite recent tech PR campaigns to amaze and inspire.

Great news! You can pull your Magic: the Gathering card collection out of the basement, because it's 2024 and being a nerd is cool now. Technology is having a massive impact on not just pop culture, but also the world of PR and marketing.

From delivery by drone to AI being unnecessarily integrated into pretty much everything, brands and their agencies are becoming more advanced in the way they get their messages across.

PR in the internet age doesn't necessarily need to rely on the biggest, flashiest thing in order to be successful. Often, the most viral story is the one that's clever and specifically resonates with its niche audience. And what's more niche than nerdy tech PR?

In recent years we’ve seen some compelling ways companies have applied geeky thinking to get their message out to the right audience. Here are our top five PR campaigns powered by tech and an explanation of what made them work so well.

Full disclosure, we found some of these geeky little delights on Famous Campaigns. They do a kick-ass job aggregating fun PR and marketing campaigns from all around the (digital) globe. Check them out!

1. Send your name to the moon with NASA

NASA, our favorite North American space people, is sending their newest robot vehicle to the moon to explore its moon-y goodness. Want to get involved? Well, great news – you absolutely can by sending your name along for the ride.

What does that mean? Practically, probably not much. But NASA's PR team is working overtime to get people excited about the upcoming 2024 launch.

You can even get your own virtual boarding pass and watch the journey.

2. Samsung & Marvel team up on the Las Vegas Sphere

We thought we'd have jetpacks by 2024, but what we actually have is a large dystopian money pit of an LED ball in Las Vegas.

Since this is the reality we're living in, we might as well have fun with it, right?

Well, that's what Samsung and Marvel decided when they started using it to show flashy, trippy new ads for their upcoming Disney Plus show. It doesn't get much geekier than that.

3. KitKat tells AI to take a break

No industry is safe from the incredibly overreaching power of AI technology. Even our candy is being affected. Apparently, according to KitKat's newest PR move, telling AI tools to slow down and chill out before they answer your question yields statistically more accurate results.

Why? Who knows.

But we'd like to playfully honor KitKat with the award for Least Natural AI Integration Yet.

4. The Giant Porsche

What does every single person in the modern world want? An all-you-can-eat fondue station and the ability to take a picture with giant versions of smaller things.

Well, Porsche didn't bring any melty cheese to the IAA Mobility trade fair, but they did bring the selfie fodder to celebrate ‘60 Years of the 911’ (a model of Porsche and not just the number for the emergency services, or so I'm told).

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5. LEGO honors Dobby with a sock campaign

To announce the launch of a Dobby the House Elf LEGO set, one UK LEGO store accepted a single sock as payment.

The first 100 customers to arrive at the Leicester Square LEGO Story on launch day and flash a (clean) sock at the front of the queue were able to redeem a free LEGO Harry Potter Dobby the House-Elf product from in-store.

This adorable and iconic campaign only makes sense if you have read the book or seen the movie, but I suppose most of the geeks who would want a Dobby the House Elf LEGO set would have done both of those things, so that checks out. Plus, look how cute it is:

Go forth and create those geeky technology PR campaigns!

Are you in technology company PR and want your campaign to be featured? Did we miss a great PR campaign that should be added to the list? Give us a shout on X.

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Katelynn Sortino

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