Get your story told

Connect with your influencers via email and social media.

Create slick, attractive and super-functional online newsrooms

Build beautiful newsrooms in minutes

Connecting your content with your stakeholders begins with an online hub where you can publish your stories.

  • Easy to create and configure.
  • Looks great on every device.
  • Can be integrated in your own website.
Reach stakeholders & get better results with beautiful emails

Create stunning stories

With your central story hub up and running, you're ready to start sharing your stories.

  • Simple to create and publish.
  • Include multimedia assets: high-res images, videos.
  • Optimized for social sharing.
Organise and segment your contacts with Prezly’s PR software

Target your audience

Your stories are ready on your newsroom. But who are you going to share them with? Time to add your contacts.

  • Organize your contacts in Prezly's CRM.
  • Build actionable segments based on their interests.
  • Import conversation history with Mailbox integration.
Reach stakeholders & get better results with beautiful emails

Distribute your stories

After adding your influencers, you can start sharing your content with them. Prezly makes this a breeze with easy-to-set-up multimedia emails.

  • Share your story via email and social media in just 1 click.
  • Lightweight, visual email templates that work in every mail client.
  • Personalize and schedule mass multimedia emails.
Online newsrooms

Share your stories online with stunning newsrooms that look good on any device and are optimized for social sharing.


Understand your influencers and learn from their behavior with a dedicated CRM and rich contact profiles.

Filters & segments

Organise your contacts with powerful filters and segments that make it easy to choose the right contacts to reach out to.

Email campaigns

Send out beautiful, visual email campaigns with the click of a button.

Analytics & reports

Learn what content works and what doesn't with real-time analytics: open, click and reply rates.

Individual pitching

Got a contact that requires a special touch? Send them an individual pitch, tailored to their needs.

Mailbox integration

View your and your colleagues' conversation history with contats, right within Prezly, and see how they respond to your content.

Team collaboration

Prezly helps your different teams and agencies collaborate. Share contacts, learn and retain that all-important stakeholder relationship history in one central hub.

Roles & permissions

Define which department can send information or grant your agency access to a specific newsroom or campaign.