Add your coverage to Campaigns and Pitches

Share your latest coverage with your contacts to keep them in the loop of what others are saying about your brand

Once you've logged and added coverage, why not share it with your team or your contacts?

Logged Coverage items can be added to any email you send from Prezly – whether it is an Email Campaign going out to multiple contacts or a one-to-one Pitch.

Select the coverage you would like to include in your email, then click on "Campaign" or "Pitch" in your Coverage dashboard. You'll be directed to the Campaign Composer, where your coverage item(s) is automatically added under the body of the email. ⚡️

When sharing coverage, it works just the same as when you send an Email Campaign or a Pitch to your contacts. You can send the email only to the Contacts that you have in your contact list in Prezly.

When your recipients receive the email with the online coverage (URL or link) attached, they can simply click on it and the link will open in a new tab. Otherwise, if the coverage attached is a document or a file, they have the option to download it straight to their device.

💡Pro Tip: You can select more than one coverage item to add to your email. Just check the boxes next to the coverage you would like to share before clicking on the "Campaign" or "Pitch" buttons.


Alternatively, if you would like to add just one coverage to your email, click on the "•••" button on the right side of your Coverage item in the list, then click on "Create Pitch" or "Create Campaign" from the dropdown.

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