OneTrust cookie consent integration

OneTrust cookie consent integration


Getting this configured

Prezly settings:

  1. Head over to Sites > [your_site] > Integrations and click the button "OneTrust Cookie Consent settings"
  2. Turn the feature on using the toggle and the required parameters will be shown


You'll need to head over to your OneTrust dashboard now to obtain the necessary values


Finding the Cookie Group IDs at your OneTrust Dashboard:

  1. On the Cookie Consent menu, select Categorizations. The Categorizations screen appears.
  2. Go to the Categories tab.
  3. Each group of cookies is listed, showing the ID assigned to the group. 

The value obtained here will be used on this Prezly field:

In most default settings the category id for Prezly will be under "Performance cookies" but this depends on your personal OneTrust account's settings ultimately

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Publishing and Implementing Cookie Consent Scripts:

This is an extensive article so it's best to go to the SOURCE, here's where you'll obtain the value to be pasted in this field @ Prezly:

Although we include an example, this also changes depending on your specific OneTrust settings
Although we include an example, this also changes depending on your specific OneTrust settings


Enabling SPA support via the OneTrust dashboard:

When publishing the OneTrust script, enable the setting Enable Single Page Application Support. This setting allows you to force the banner to reload as it would on an actual page change.

SPA toggle in OneTrust dashboard
SPA toggle in OneTrust dashboard

Source ➡️


After you've obtained the necessary information from your OneTrust dashboard you can head back to Prezly, paste the values on the appropriate fields and hit "Enable"

If everything is in order, you'll have your OneTrust provided cookie banner up and running with your Prezly site!

Should anything remain unclear or you don't have access to IT colleagues to help you with this and would like us to give you a hand, don't hesitate to reach out:


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