How to archive or delete a site

Putting a site offline or storing it for later in your site settings

When you no longer wish to keep a site active, or you would like to deactivate a site to make space for a new one, you can choose to archive or completely remove a site from your Prezly license.

On your site dashboard page, click on "Advanced" and scroll down to the "Danger Zone."

Archive site

The site will remain online and available for later reactivation, a nice alternative when you are not quite ready to "Delete" it.

You will not be able to edit existing stories or publish new ones. On the other hand, it will no longer take up a spot in your site availability.

Need to reactivate an archived site?

Once a site is archived, there isn't a setting available for restoring the site. If you wish to restore or reactivate an archived site, don't hesitate to contact us via or use the in-app messenger at the bottom-right-hand corner.

Delete site

Deleting a site will completely remove it from your account, and it will immediately stop existing for an external visitor. All stories published in the site will also be removed, and the site will no longer be searchable online.

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