Custom domain for multiple sites/clients

Set up DNS records to allow your team members to create unlimited sites with a white-labeled URL

In some cases (agencies, enterprises with multiple brands, short-term campaigns), you want to easily set up a white-labeled (own domain) site without contacting your IT team to update DNS records.

To work around this, you can use wildcard records that point all subdomains to

Example - Fashion Agency 

The name of your agency is "Fashion Agency," and you have a domain on which you want to host all your sites.

Now for the main agency, you want to use and have it display a list of logos/clients. Every client will get their own site with a dedicated URL such as,, or

Step 1

Contact us via chat or email at to let us know that you will need Wildcard CNAME support enabled for your license, only site-specific custom domains are available otherwise.

Step 2

For this to happen, you need to set a CNAME record for

See instructions

Step 3

A wildcard needs to be installed that points * to This way, team members can easily add new sites and link up.

To verify the setup, use a tool like MxToolbox: 


  1. Can I still use my previously set up custom domains if I change to wildcard support now?

    Yes! They can coexist, so deciding to go this route after you've already used single-site custom domain setups is NOT an issue 😁
  2. Do I have to update them?

    No! Already set up single site CNAMEs are maintained. You CAN change them if you want to reflect the new wildcard setup though but it's not a must.

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