Copy and paste content to Prezly Story from elsewhere

How to get content in the Story editor from other tools like MS Word, Google Docs or a website

It is possible to copy and paste content from other sources - including text, images and links - directly into the editor. You can paste content from webpages, Google Docs, Word files, and more, but it is important to note that pasting content from other sources may affect formatting and spacing.

Clearing formatting so that your Story looks beautiful

When you simply copy and paste content directly into the story editor, you can sometimes have formatting problems. From time to time, you ask us in Support chat why is your story having funny line breaks, missing spaces between words or some similar questions that make your story look a bit less beautiful then if you wrote it directly in the story editor. Those types of styling errors can make your content look unprofessional and we understand it can be very annoying.

To avoid this problem you can clear formatting from your content before you paste it to the story editor. If you clear formatting before you paste content to the story editor, it will save you time and you don't have to correct all errors manually one by one.

Clear formatting in MS Word

When you paste content from MS Word and you notice certain formatting problems, you can go back to your MS Word document and use clear formatting on a specific section of your document or on the whole Word document. Microsoft support document explains how to clear formatting. ​ ​

If you experience any issues with pasting content into the editor or have any questions around formatting, please contact our Support team and we can quickly fix any issues that arise!

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