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Introducing the analytics dashboard 📈 and more handy updates

Brand new sites and stories analytics, and other new releases UI improvements in the Stories feature

What's new in Prezly?

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Your brand new analytics dashboard

The highly anticipated analytics feature is finally here!

You can now see how many people are visiting your site(s) and individual stories in your brand new analytics dashboard! This is powered by data from Plausible Analytics, an open-source project dedicated to making web analytics more privacy-friendly.

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❗️Please note that the data available is from August 20, 2022 onwards


Site status: Live and non-live

When a site is created, it is set in Live mode by default. This means that the URL can be visited even before the site is fully set up. However, sites can now be set as non-live, which is useful if you are still setting up your site before going public.

Switching off Live mode also comes in handy if you wish to pause working on a site for a longer period of time, but don't want to lose any of the settings or stories already added to it.

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New popover panel for list of sites

Finding your sites analytics, settings page or URL is now as simple as hovering over a site’s name in the sidebar! You can also click on the icons next to your site page title to the left of the filter search.


Site picker modal

For Prezly users who have multiple sites, ​​when you click on Create story, the site picker modal will appear to help you select a site before diving into the story editor. This comes in handy if you forget to select a site before creating a story!


Option to switch sites under ‘Manage’ dropdown

Whenever you wish to move a story from one site to another, you can now see the option to Change site by clicking on the Manage dropdown in the story editor.


Other updates you may have noticed recently!

  • NEW: Dashboard page
    When you log in to your account, there is now a screen or dashboard page that makes it easier to navigate the different Prezly features and choose a feature you would like to start working on.
  • NEW: Demo content
    You can now choose to add demo content when creating a site. Learn more →
  • NEW: More aliases for items in list of embeds
    Find multimedia embeds using their synonyms in the story editor. See table below:

Embed or Content block



Photo, Picture


Line, Separator



Heading 1, Heading 2


Heading 2





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