Adding a YouTube channel link to a contact

How to add a channel link to the YouTube field of your contact's social media information

When copying a YouTube channel link, the link usually appears in the format of + [identifier]

For example,

The [identifier] part is composed of a bunch of random numbers and letters because it is not possible to get a custom /channel/ URL on YouTube.

Open the YouTube channel page, then click on one of the tabs, such as the "About" tab, for example. The browser's address bar will then change to: + [channel-name]/ + about

You can add the "[channel-name]" part of the URL to the YouTube field when editing a contact's information.

In the example below, we added PrezlyPR.

Alternatively, from the main channel's URL[identifier] you can also copy the channel/ + [identifier] and paste it in the Youtube field when editing a contact.

In Prezly's case, we would copy and paste: channel/ + UCr6IaOj-yNm2xt6UJwBEEFQ

It may look long and messy, but the link in the contact's profile will work just the same.

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