Prezly features

Security & compliance

You have enough to be getting on with without having to worry about who gets access to your data, newsroom uptime or the dreaded GDPR. That’s why we make it easy.


Stay compliant

The GDPR doesn’t have to be a headache. As well as making it simple for your contacts to manage their subscriptions, Prezly has a data request option built in, making it easy to comply with the GDPR.


Run the show

Don’t waste your time being the middleman between agencies, partners and translators. With Prezly, it’s easy to control exactly what each user can access.


Minimal fuss

Sometimes high security means having to go through endless checks before you can actually access your software. Not so with Prezly. 

We keep your data secure and you only need to remember one password. Simple. 


Proven reliability

With a demonstrably high uptime track record, you can rely on us for undisrupted service the world over.

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