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When it comes to recurring content like signatures, disclaimers, product descriptions, profiles and more, there wasn't a way for Prezly's users to keep and reuse them.

This is where snippets step in. You can now create text and other frequently used content and store them as snippets, and add them anywhere and anytime in your stories, campaigns or pitches.

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Other fixes, improvements and updates

  • New placeholders for multimedia embeds you can add to your stories and emails
  • Video files (MP4, WEBM, or OGG) can now be uploaded via the Video placeholder
  • Improved license aware routing so browser tabs are automatically updated when switching accounts
  • Improved order of live and not live newsrooms so live newsrooms show on top
  • Fixed search results month filter for stories filtering on the wrong month
  • Fixed bug with analytics not working for stories published using old editor
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