Prezly themes got an upgrade

Prezly's built-in site themes – Bea, Lena, Greta – have been upgraded to the latest versions of libraries they use: React 18 and Next 13. Here's what's different now:

  • Sharing images are now rendered at the same resolution (1200x630) for all sites, making them look much clearer on sharing cards
  • Transparent site logos in the upper left corner are now displayed on a background that matches the site’s header background color defined in the theme settings,
  • Sites without logos now display an image with fallback text, rendered in the same color and font used in the site's theme
The sharpest a site logo has ever looked 🗡
The sharpest a site logo has ever looked 🗡

The upgrade to Next 13 brings many great features that reduce the client bundle and unnecessary network requests. This is a game-changer, as it allows us to significantly improve all metrics and get rid of lots (and lots!) of code, and it makes all Prezly sites load even faster ⚡️


Other fixes and improvements

  • Campaign filters on a small screen are optimized and easier to use
  • Changing a story's language now auto-updates all available content (e.g. contacts, categories); previously, users had to hit save to apply the change
  • Lena theme now has a subtitle on the latest published story
  • Lena theme spacing between cards is smaller so there is less white space


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