Prezly speaks many languages ūüí¨

Prezly users a located all over the world, so we constantly monitor and update a list of languages that we support. Here are some of the latest updates regarding languages:

  • We introduced Global ‚Äč label for languages that have more local variations. So now you can find for example French (Global) and French (France) in our language settings.
  • Global Arabic¬†locale ar ‚Äč has been added
  • UAE Arabic locale¬†ar_AE¬†has been renamed to¬†Arabic (UAE)¬†(formerly was¬†Arabic)
  • Global Spanish¬†es ‚Äč locale has been added
  • Spanish (Spain) locale¬†es_ES¬†has been renamed to¬†Spanish (Spain)¬†(formerly was¬†Spanish)

Additionally, the newsroom language picker is now "smarter" ‚Äď it does not display region in your language selection menu when the full name is not really needed. For example, in a newsroom with¬†Dutch (Belgium)¬†and¬†French (Belgium)¬†languages, in the language selection menu you will just see Dutch¬†and¬†French. However in a newsroom with¬†French (France)¬†and¬†French (Canada)¬†we will display their full names.

Prezly languages and locals
Prezly languages and locals


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