Placeholders for content in stories and emails

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We recently released placeholders for the different multimedia embeds you can add to your stories and emails! Placeholders help users create templates so their content stays consistent, and can be used as pointers for where specific types of content should be placed.

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Other fixes, improvements and updates

  • Fixed bug with activity stream missing all activity details
  • Fixed issue with tags not being created or applied to contacts
  • Fixed issue with error showing from adding tags to segments
  • Removed duplicate preview links in the story editor
  • Fixed mistake on Uzbek version of the subscription section in themes
  • Improved quote blocks to appear in the same color in stories and campaigns
  • Added option to select from contacts' multiple email addresses in pitches
  • Improved contact embed dropdown in the editor
  • Fixed issue with published stories not being indexed for due to duplicate content
  • Fixed glitch appearing in the story editor when using Safari
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