New theme settings preview and logo sizing

Dynamically preview theme changes and fine-tune your logo

New theme settings preview and logo sizing

We've created a new theme settings preview interface for Bea, Lena and Greta themes to help you make adjustments.

Previously there was a preview changes link, but now you can see changes alongside theme settings before applying them.

dynamic theme preview

Fine-tune site logo size

We know that a lot of brands have logos in all shapes and sizes, often including text as part of the graphics, sometimes in small sizes, so we've added a logo size adjustment for tablet and desktop sized screens.

This defaults to medium, but you can go either small or large as well - perfect for getting your branding just right.

adjusting site logo size

We also recommend using the crop tool in brand settings to remove whitespace from the logo first.

This is the first of several improvements we have planned for themes so watch this space!

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