New Prezly dashboard + other fixes & improvements

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New Prezly dashboard

Previously, when logging in to your Prezly account, the first page you land on is the Contacts feature page. Now, you will see a screen or dashboard page that makes it easier to navigate the different Prezly features and choose a feature you would like to start working on.

New popover panel for Stories grid Newsroom filter
New popover panel for Stories grid Newsroom filter

Newsroom facets to replace the old switcher

The Newsroom switcher is out and Newsroom facets are in! Getting to your Newsroom settings page or visiting your newsroom is now as simple as hovering over your newsroom name in the sidebar, or clicking the icons next to your newsroom page title.

Other fixes and improvements

  • New Newsroom picker modal to select which a newsroom when creating stories
  • New option to add demo content when creating a newsroom. Learn more →
  • Added language support for Catalan
  • Improved app UI for very large screens (>1400px) – increased sidebar width to 300px
  • Improved the collapsed sidebar by showing the “expand” button at the top left
  • Fixed outage causing newsrooms using newer themes to return 404 error
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