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Save frequently used content and insert them into stories and emails anytime

❗️ Please note: Snippets are currently available to all clients, regardless of plan, but this may change to the feature only being part of select subscription plans in the future.

Gone are the days of repeatedly typing in the same disclaimers, boilerplates, or product information when putting together your latest news and updates!

You can now create text and other frequently used content and store them as snippets, and add them anywhere and anytime in your stories, campaigns or pitches.


So, why snippets?

When it comes to recurring content like signatures, disclaimers, product descriptions, profiles and more, there wasn't a way for Prezly's users to keep and reuse them. The only way for users to house content that is standardized and shared across stories is by using the newsroom's boilerplate, which is a great place to showcase what your company or brand specializes in.

But the problem with boilerplates is that they only appear in the footers of stories and newsrooms. They are not included at the end of your email campaigns or pitches, and ultimately, there had to be a better way to help save you the time and effort of manually keying in or inserting the same content over and over again.

This is where snippets step in – giving you a way to create and manage standardized content efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably, be it for solo storytellers or for bigger PR and comms teams.


Great! How can I create a snippet?

When working on stories or emails, click on the green + button to open the dropdown of multimedia embeds, then select "Snippets" from from the dropdown.

Don't have any snippets saved yet? No problem!

You always have the option create snippets on the spot and without having to leave the page. Learn more about creating and managing snippets


How can snippets supercharge my storytelling?

Snippets allow you and your team to create pre-filled content of your most common descriptions or images of your latest products, your operating hours and contact info, a quick bio about your team or CEO, and so much more – allowing you to save time on making sure that your stories and emails have consistent styles and formats, even if you have several team members working on creating content.

Descriptions or boilerplates in multiple languages

Let's say you have a multilingual newsroom and you need to add a quick author's bio or a boilerplate at the end of each story and in each language. Before snippets, this would have been a grueling task of repetitive copying and pasting, involving an unhealthy amount of open tabs on your browser (plus more room for mistakes).

No kidding. One Prezly user actually did this with 17 different boilerplates in 3 languages each. Just thinking of all that copying and pasting has us feeling worn out!

With each snippet you create, you reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks or content creation – no copying and pasting boilerplates or disclaimers from other stories and no uploading the same images or logos over and over again.

Snippets can also come in handy when you want to add standard information like operating hours and other important information, like contact details and other useful links.


Email signatures or author profiles

Kind regards,
Bart Stimpson

… is a fine sign-off, sure. But the space at the end of your stories or emails can be used much more effectively.

Email signatures or author profiles are a great way to make your comms look more professional, and let your readers know who you are and the content you're promoting – all while not appearing too spammy.

Snippets allow you to create and save content that would make up a signature. Once they're saved, you can easily stick them in your stories and emails in a matter of clicks, keeping your brand profile and signature consistent throughout all your comms.


Templates for stories and emails

And apart from creating snippets out of frequently used content, you can also create and insert a format or outline for press releases, tech sheets, blog posts and more.

Have a press release you need to send out quickly, a weekly blogpost, or a tech sheet for every new product release? This is also where the new snippets feature is a game-changer for you or teams using Prezly.

With snippets, you can create templates made up of content placeholders that you and your teammates can consistently follow along, plugging in your brand's info and other content as you go. Snippets can be used as a companion guide to help you make sure that the stories you're publishing and the emails you're sending have all the right content inserted in the right places, so you don't have to start from scratch every time.

Use placeholders (the grey blocks) as pointers for where your multimedia assets should be placed!


We'd love to know what you think :)

Have any suggestions for how snippets can be better? Go all out – we want to hear it all! Start a chat with our team or send an email to


Published 29 September 2022

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