Introducing featured categories

New in our Bea theme

Not all categories are created equal, and by choosing what to spotlight, you can bring more attention to the stories that matter.

To help with that we've launched featured categories in our Bea theme.

If you feature a category, it will show up as:

  • a filter on your homepage, allowing users to fast filter stories.
  • a card in our new category dropdown, with more visual emphasis.
  • in our featured category block at the end of your homepage. If you don't wish to use this block, it can be toggled off in theme settings.

You can add images to categories now as well, used both for featured categories in the dropdown and also on the category page itself.

Find out more in our featured categories help article.

These are just some of the design changes we've made in this update and we appreciate your feedback as always! Shoot us a message via our support channel if you have any questions/feedback.

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