Contact tags: new permissions and improvements

Tag permissions for premium and agency plans

People organize things in different ways, and we've heard from some customers with larger teams that they want to centrally manage contact tags, to maintain more order and structure.

So we are introducing contact tag permissions for premium and agency plans. Account admins will be able to restrict tag creation to specific users in cases where teams have a specific tag structure they want to adhere to.

This is opt-in – by default these permissions are turned on for all, so it will be business as usual for those not interested in locking things down.

Please note that because users can add tags using Contact imports, we've had to relate this permission – users who can't add tags will be restricted from being able to import contacts by CSV.

Manage tag improvements

  • The Manage tags listing now has "Created by" and "Created date" fields to help with management (we are endeavouring to back populate this where we can, but most entries will be from April 2024).
  • We've increased tag listing pagination to 500, so the vast majority of users will see all their tags on the same page.

Tag picker improvements

We've completely reworked the tag picker for the contact side panel:

  • Search is better - you can now 'fuzzy search' and match tags, even if you don't 100% type the right search term.
  • It's now clearer to see what tags have been applied when using the picker.
  • Tags are loaded locally so it's much faster to use on slower connections and snappier overall.
  • Tags themselves have been polished so they look and feel better.
  • Error messages are clearer and we've also fixed minor bugs.

We'd love to hear from you how you use tags and whether there are any further improvements you'd like to see – get in touch via our usual support channel with your thoughts!

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