Access to help and resources is now much easier ✨

Quicker links to and search for relevant help articles from within the app

We believe that technology should make life easier, not just add noise, so our aim is to make Prezly as intuitive as possible. However, we also see that a little bit of guidance and easy access to resources empowers users to find answers and solve issues quickly.

No matter where you're at in your Prezly journey, just starting out or already a novice, our Help Center is chock full of easy-to-follow tutorials, videos, and best practice tips – and while we always add new help content to keep our users up to speed, perhaps they weren't always the easiest to get to or weren't linked in the best places.

This is why we've recently worked on improving access to our help center and relevant help articles from within the app, and have made it far simpler and more streamlined.

So what's changed? ⬇️

Easy access to help no matter where you are in the app

We've combined access to help with our chat support, and it is accessible from any page in the app (via the purple button or by pressing the "?" key) so you can easily find help articles that are relevant to the page you are working in, or speak with support wherever in the app you are.

The "?" key new on the bottom right corner of your screen is called a help overlay, where you will find more details and links dedicated to each feature or page, wherever in the app you may be. It also offers quicker access to our general help center if you need more guidance, recent product updates to see what's new for you to try, as well as a "Contact support" button, which enables you to speak to a Prezlian (real humans, not bots 🙂)


Searching for help articles using the in-app search function

You can also search for help articles through the app's search. This is reached either through the search icon in the sidebar, or via a new keyboard shortcut Cmd+K (for mac) or Ctrl+K (for windows and other platforms). This search has also been made larger so you can see more result returned.

We'd love to know what you think!

Have any feedback or questions about our help center and articles? Go all out – we want to hear it all :)

Klarissa Djajalie

Klarissa Djajalie

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