A new design for the published story modal + other fixes and improvements

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New design for the published story modal

We've updated the UI of the 'Your story has been published' modal that appears as an overlay on the story editor as soon as a story is published. The new version of the modal has an X button, allowing users to close the modal, as well as an updated description that adds more emphasis on creating a campaign, while also giving users the option to create a pitch with the story.


Other fixes and improvements

  • Any changes made to stories by teammates can now be seen in real-time – the first step towards fully collaborative editing
  • Fixed story editor errors in spacing, repeating characters, and gallery embed
  • Fixed bug where the text formatting did not appear for list items (numbered or bulleted)
  • Fixed flash of giant icons appearing when a page loads or when there is a slow network connection in all themes
  • Fixed the issue of gallery embeds in the story editor showing differently in the preview
  • Fixed the sizing behavior of image captions in campaigns opened using the Outlook app

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