Case study: Hyundai

How Hyundai shifted media outreach and internal communications up a gear

Hyundai is a fast-moving brand with a lot of stories. As corporate communication manager, it’s William’s priority to easily share these stories with the media, influencers, and internal stakeholders.


In the automotive industry, high-resolution visuals play a big part in the marketing and communications mix. It used to be a tedious process for Hyundai to share rich multimedia stories on an outdated website and via email. And let’s not get started on the challenges that came with social media.

The team also encountered problems when collaborating on their stories. It took them a lot of time to bring together written content and visual assets without having a centralized environment to work in. Two years ago Hyundai decided to bring their newsroom into the twenty-first century.

We were looking for an upgrade of our media sites and it turned out that it was going to be very expensive to build it. That’s when I started looking for existing solutions.


Prezly turned out to be just what Hyundai needed and more. It replaced Hyundai's outdated press page with state-of-the-art social media newsrooms. In addition, Prezly’s built-in CRM helped the team manage all their influencers and quickly reach out to stakeholders through multimedia emails and social media updates.

Social media press release of Hyundai A multimedia story on the newsroom of Hyundai.

Because Prezly was so user-friendly, it changed how the communications team collaborated. "It’s so easy to use that my team members can share the workload," says William. "Some people might take care of texts while others enrich it with multimedia."

There’s a big advantage in workload. Prezly saves us time

Contact filter Filtering contacts to reach out

Contact filter A personalised multimedia email sent to the automotive press.

Not only is the team happy about their streamlined workflow, their media contacts say it’s practical to get targeted, fast-loading multimedia stories. "It’s very user friendly for journalists," William notes.

As well as external stakeholders, the team also share internal stories with their staff at Hyundai Belgium.

The internal news platform is a big advantage for us. We did not have to invest in another tool for internal communications.

William was surprised by how easy it was to get started with Prezly. He did not have to run things past his IT partner to set up the newsrooms and could just get started from day one.

You don’t need a big manual to get started. It’s plug and play.


Thanks to Prezly, Hyundai have improved their ability to share targeted multimedia stories and increased their communication output. At the same time they have kept their workflow streamlined. What’s more, Hyundai made significant budget savings because they did not need to invest in building both an external and internal communications platform.