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Everything you need to share your news with your media contacts

Prezly is the PR toolkit that’s easy for you and your contacts to use.
It makes publishing and pitching your stories a breeze.

Kim uses Prezly to get media attention. Here's how:

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Brands and PR agencies share their stories with Prezly

Koen Dekoning of Toyota Belgium

If we could no longer use Prezly it would feel like going back to sending out press releases by postage mail or fax.

Koen Dekoning, PR manager
Toyota newsroom

Ann Maes of Ogilvy PR Belgium

Simple. Clear. Flexible. Versatile. Prezly is the technology platform that helps us to communicate our news well to opinion leaders, media and communities.

Ann Maes, Managing director
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Reach more people

Get more visits via social, search & links from other sites

Example of a social media press release distributed with Prezly

Publish to a social media newsroom

  • Optimized for mobile devices — over 20% of traffic
  • SEO friendly — Google loves it
  • Built to share on social networks

Newsroom examples

Get more social media and web traffic

  • Media contacts pitched via email are only a third of visitors
  • Another third comes via people sharing your story on social networks
  • And an equal part is long tail traffic from Google or other sites
Distribution of traffic to social media newsrooms

Improve media relations

Learn what makes your contacts tick

Distribution of traffic to social media newsrooms

Send multimedia email pitches

  • Mobile friendly — 51% of emails are opened on the go
  • Automatic previews of images and videos
  • No more bombarding recipients with heavy downloads

Learn from recipient behavior

  • Who opened your emails? Did they click on them?
  • A history of email and social interactions shows what interests who.
  • It's time to dump Excel.
    Use a contact management system built for PR.
Example of a contact dashboard

Gain time with one PR tool

Stop stringing together these ineffective tools


Wordpress, Drupal,..


Excel, Outlook or FileMaker

Press release

Outlook or MailChimp

Large file

Dropbox or WeTransfer

Switch to Prezly today

One simple PR tool

Built for PR pro's

Constant innovation

Stellar support

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Can I ________ with Prezly?

Prezly is built for corporate communicators. You’ll get everything you need to help bloggers and journalists retell your stories.

  • Can I get lists with email addresses?
  • Can I submit my press release to prezly for you to distribute it?
  • Can I send email pitches to my own contacts?
  • Can I track who opens my press releases and clicks on the links?
  • Can I see a report of my press release email pitches?
  • Can I add multimedia to my email pitches?
  • Can I share journalist and blogger contacts with my team?
  • Can I add notes to a journalist?
  • Can I import my contacts in Prezly?
  • Can I export my contacts and our interactions back from Prezly?
  • Can I set up newsrooms myself?
  • Can i set-up multiple rooms for the brands i work for?
  • Can I change the look and feel of my press releases?
  • Can I track the traffic on my newsrooms with Google Analytics?
  • Can I attach high resolution pictures in Prezly press releases?
  • Can I add videos to my press releases?
  • Can I attach PDFs or other files to Prezly mails?

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Prezly has simple pricing. $115 for an account.

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