Estée Lauder

Minimalist & chic

While Estée Lauder's newsroom may seem very minimalist, they have made slight stylistic tweaks to the standard layout to convey a continuity of branding across all their online assets. The changes are subtle, but effective:

- The coloured banner - A high-resolution logo - Customized typeface - Gold font for the feature story

They've also elected to draw attention to their newest story not only by changing its header colour to gold, but also by having it display horizontally across the screen right at the top. This ensures it stands out while preserving the history of the brand's recent updates in the feed of story cards below.

You'll also notice that they've enabled the

multilingual feature

for their newsroom, making it easy to link to a particular translation of the newsroom just by adding the corresponding country code to its URL, such as for English and for French.

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