Work at Prezly

Build the future of corporate communication

Good stories, told well to the right people, can inspire and spark positive change in the world. That’s why at Prezly, we’re building state-of-the-art storytelling tools for stellar brands.

We’re looking for curious, hard-working people to join our team, to help us do the best work of our lives. Together we’ll create a product that helps inspiring brands to share their stories with the world.

Prezly is a profitable, bootstrapped company that is fully owned by the founders. We’re a tight-knit team of doers that is growing fast and we’re looking for smart people all around the globe to help us build trailblazing software.

The Prezly team is spread across 12 different cities around the world. Our office is in Leuven, Belgium, but everyone at Prezly is free to live and work wherever they want.

List of available positions.

VP of Marketing

Play a critical role in building and scaling the marketing department at Prezly. You’ll set our marketing strategy, take the lead on execution, and over time, build out every marketing function at the company.

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Management Assistant

We blinked our eyes and the team grew to almost 20 people. That’s why we need someone who supports us. Someone who takes stuff of our plate: tasks that are extremely important, but tasks not required we do them.

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Customer Success Lead

We're looking for someone who can take customer success to the next level for our global clients.

You'll be managing a global team with a CS person in Asia and the Americas.

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Customer Success Rep

We're looking for someone to join as customer success rep for our Asia-pacific clients.

Your job at prezly will be to help our clients succeed.

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Sales representative

Prezly is searching for an exceptional sales person to focus on our opportunities.

You will be a key member of the team driving the growth of our business.

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PHP Engineer

Prezly is for an experienced senior PHP engineer.

Joining our team you will implement new features, refactor our codebase and make stuff better, faster and simpler.

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Why join?

Compact team

Prezly is a tight-knit and fast-moving team.

And because we're compact, any team member has a say and has a big impact on the product and service.

Flexible hours

There’s a life outside of work.

That’s why our distributed team works from where they want, when they want. And they get tons of work done.

Unlimited vacation time

We evaluate on value, not on time spent behind your desk.

Employees can take as many holidays as they need. This way they bring their A-game to the job.

Travel and visit us

A few times per year the entire team gets together in the office in Leuven, the world's capital of beer.

We’ll fly you in so you can have fun with the team.

Time to learn

Every two months, we allocate two weeks to take a step back and to plan. We only work 4/5th then.

It’s the ideal time to invest in learning new skills.

Elvis on your side

The King is our official mascot.. cause.. we’re Prezly, got it? Learn his tunes and swing your pelvis in ways that will make your grandmother blush.