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Spreadsheets are for calculations and charts.
Not for managing media lists.

The Prezly team has been working closely together with PR teams to build a blazing fast CRM tailored to PR pros.

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PR contact management

Engage your PR contacts

Frustrated by the way you manage the contact info of employees, journalists, and influencers?

Prezly takes all the headaches out of managing your contacts and lets you focus on what matters most: building and nurturing relationships.

Rich contact profiles

Turn anonymous entries in Excel contact lists into rich contact profiles. Add your own classification and let Prezly enrich the contacts with social media info and with a history of all your interactions.

Contact segmentation

Equally important as telling good stories is sharing them with the right people. Prezly makes it easy to segment contacts: tags, media types, publication frequencies,.. Segmentation built for communication teams, not sales teams.

Built-in story pitching

Share stories via an online newsroom, multimedia emails, and social media.

Write the story once and immediately share it via all these channels. No overhead.

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Transparent stakeholder interactions

Never lose track of conversations again. Connect your company mailbox to Prezly and share stakeholder interactions with the whole team.

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Insightful analytics

Every time you send an email through Prezly, you get a real-time report allowing you to see who opened it, clicked on it or tweeted about your stories.

All reports are tailored for PR professionals.

Easy importing

Using an existing contact list in Prezly is an automated process. Your contacts are stored safe and secure in the cloud.

Your contacts remain yours only. No one else is able to access them.

Contacts not included

Building a personal relationship with influencers is vital to efficient PR. Spamming journalists and bloggers just doesn't work.

That's why Prezly does not offer a database with contacts.

William Meerschaut of Hyundai

There’s a big advantage in workload. Prezly saves us time to share news both internally and with external influencers.

William Meerschaut,
Spokesperson and PR manager
Case study

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