Send and track beautiful news releases

Make it dead-simple for journalists and bloggers to retell your stories

Prezly makes you better at pitching your stories with multimedia emails. Your recipients immediately see your whole story without having to download large files.


Example news release email

High deliverability

Frustrated by sending out email campaigns?

Let Prezly deliver your email campaigns and PR pitches. We follow industry best practices to ensure your email ends up in the inboxes of your contacts.

Inbox preview

Instantly preview your email campaign and send tests to any address you like.

The press release template is automatically optimized for mobile devices and looks great in every email client.

One click content

Nobody likes writing something twice.

Create your press release once, then simultaneously email it to influencers and publish it to your press room.

Increase response rates

Tease email recipients with rich media previews. Prezly emails automatically include previews of all the assets in your release.

Share your story via social media

Spread your story even faster. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Prezly to enable automatic social sharing.

Schedule email campaigns

Plan the distribution of e-mails. You no longer need to press a 'send' button at inconvenient times.

Resend your story

On the phone with a journalist that can't find your story?

Resend your press release to any registered contact. It takes about 3 seconds for our systems to get your email delivered.

Track influencer interest with built-in analytics

No sure what happens with your emails after you click send?

Use the analytics dashboard to instantly know which journalists opened your email, visited your press room, and downloaded assets.

Manage your media contacts in one place

Keep track of influencers and journalists in one place. Import existing contact lists into Prezly with just a few clicks.

Distribution is just one part of the story