Publish, distribute, and share book launch press releases

A good social media press release can make the difference between getting high-quality media coverage for your new product, or no coverage at all. Prezly makes it easy for your PR team to capture the attention of journalists and bloggers with visual and professional product press releases.

Use a standard press release format to create and distribute product press releases, and add multimedia assets in a customizable press room.

Example of a social media press release distributed with Prezly

Create multimedia product press releases and custom press rooms.

Make a big impression with high-definition videos and photos.

Email your press releases to influencers and share them via social media.

If we could no longer use Prezly it would feel like going back to sending out press releases by postage mail or fax.

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Promote your product with a customized multimedia press room

About 30% of visits to Prezly press releases come from journalists, according to our data. The other 70% are regular people who are interested in your story. Complete with a unique URL, multimedia assets, and easy social sharing, our fully customizable press rooms are the ideal place to promote your new product to both journalists and consumers, and they’re fully optimized to look great on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

With Prezly social media press rooms, you can:

  • Embed high-definition videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly into your press room.
  • Increase your product’s chances for exposure with social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and other networks.
  • Track email response rates, press room visits, and asset downloads of everyone on your influencer list.
  • Add high-resolution images, audio files and other supporting content. Prezly supports all file extensions up to 25MB.

Measure everything with in-depth analytics

Prezly makes it easy to see which of your contacts opened your email, visited your press room, and downloaded assets. Our detailed analytics dashboard gives you a clear idea of who is interested in your product press release and who isn’t, so your PR team can tailor their follow-up accordingly.

Provide contact information, boilerplates and company information

Make it easy for busy journalists to request more information about your new product. Include a dedicated press contact, social media icons, and a company boilerplate with our social media press release template.

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