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Capture the attention of magazine writers, newspapers and bookstores with a social media press release that includes high-resolution media assets in your dedicated press room.

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Example of a social media press release distributed with Prezly
Example book releases:
Manteau Standaard Uitgeverij

Promote your book in minutes

Create a press room in minutes by using our proven and trusted social media press release template.

Publish your book release and your book release is ready for distribution.

Look great on every device

Still think mobile doesn’t matter? Think again.
14% of all traffic to Prezly press rooms comes from mobile devices.

Use our mobile-optimized press release template and ensure the story about your book will look as good on phones and tablets as they do on your computer.

Easily share your story

Create your press release once, then simultaneously email or pitch it to your contact list.

Use social media. Link up your social accounts and use the short url to to enable automatic social sharing.

According to our data, journalists only make up about 30% of traffic to Prezly social media press releases. The other 70% comes from regular readers who are interested in your book. They might find the content via social media or search engines.