Referral Program

Hey, Prezly could be really great for my friend!

If this thought has crossed your mind, we have just the thing for you. Introduce new customers to Prezly and earn up to 20% referral bonus.

Hooray! 🎉 Check your email for your unique referral link

So, how does it work?

Any of your friends still scrambling across dozens of apps to get things done? Earn rewards when you invite them to switch to Prezly, the place they can manage every aspect of their PR.


1. Fill in the form

We prefer to handle this as humans – not with some fancy refer-a-friend tool :)

Once you fill in your details above, we'll send you an email with your personal referral link to share with your nearest and dearest.


2. Share with your network

Check your email for your very own referral link that you can share with your friends however you want.

We're all about no-hassle so we try to make it simple for you to reach out to your pals.


3. Get your reward 🎁

Once your friend signs up and we run some checks, we'll personally get in touch with you about your referral bonus!

*Rewards differ based on monthly or yearly billing


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer friends?

Prezly customers currently subscribed to any of our plans can refer their friends or colleagues to sign up for a 2-week free trial. Those who are currently on a trial subscription are not eligible for this program.

Who can we refer?

As long as you think they'd find Prezly useful, you can refer Prezly to your hiking buddy, fellow wine connoisseur, old college mate – anyone! You can even refer someone who was previously a Prezly client. We're always happy to welcome them back. :)

The only person you can't refer to Prezly is the person who referred you. For example: Let's say Jack refers Brenna to Prezly, then Jack wants to start an additional subscription. Brenna cannot refer Jack and earn rewards from the program.

Which reward will I get?

The rewards come in the form of Prezly credits and depend on the subscription and payment plan you referral signs up for. See our plans and pricing here.

Let's say your friend signs up for the Premium plan with 1 user and chooses monthly billing. We will deduct the amount of their first month from your subscription upon your upcoming renewal. For example:

  1. Premium with 1 user, monthly billing = €150

  2. You will receive a balance of €150 on your next renewal

If your friend decides to go for yearly billing, then you will receive a 20% referral bonus coming from their yearly fee in their first year. For example:

  1. Premium with 1 user, yearly billing = €1,440

  2. You will receive a balance of €288 (20% of €1,440) on your next renewal

How many referrals is my personal link valid for?

There isn't a cap on how many people you can refer with your referral link, so feel free to share it with as many friends as you like!

Will the person I refer get a discount on their membership?

No, only the referee will get a discount or reward for spreading the word. ✌️

Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

Reach out to us directly by our live chat, email, or book a quick call, and someone from our Customer Success team will jump straight in to give you hand. 👋